15 Mei 2024

College is going to be the place that you will be in for the next four years of your life. Applying for college is also nos as easy as it sounds. You have to have the right thoughts before applying. You don’t want to be stuck in a college that you don’t like.

Here are some things to think about before applying college.

1. Make sure you really want to go to college
It is useless if you ended up skipping college classes or dropping out. You’re not only going to waste an expensive tuition, you also will not understand the lesson you’ve learned. So, before applying, think again. Think of what major are you going to take, think about the tuition fee, think about everything so you wont end up in the wrong path.

2. Search for best colleges
Since you’re going to spend your four years in there, choose wisely. If you’re looking for an MBA degree, here’s a university to highlight. SIM University Singapore is a great college for business lovers. This university is the top 3 best asian private education and makes it the Top Business University Singapore.

3. Visit and take a campus tour
Take a campus tour to help you be more comfortable in your soon-to-be new campus. Do it more than once. Campus tour not only will give you the whole map, it also will bring you to new friends.

4. Be yourself when writing your college application essay
You have to be honest in your essay. Don’t sugar-coat it. Writing an application just to wow the administrator does not guarantee you to pass.

5. Know more about the college you’re applying
Catch up with the news of the university. Check out the extracurriculars, check out the programs, and also check out the scholarships they offer.

6. Study on your SATs
Your SAT score do matter. Study well and hope for the best. Goodluck!

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